22nd November, 2013

“10/10 for the sophisticated palate, if your tongue still happens to be intact. This book is all you need to become the perfect gourMANd. It even features a section on matching blood type with the right dishes. One AB type, shaken not stirred with my Poached Politician please!” Egor Rongway, food critic.

“I refuse to read something that promotes human cruelty. There’s no way you’ll catch me eating a meat-eater. Fellow vegantarians, take a stand!” Alicia Goldenstone, activist.

“Are you a zombie or cannibal who constantly feels fatigued during the day? Are you tired of having the same hitchhikers and hobo sandwiches all the time? For the sake of your nutritional intake remember, all you need are a few good men…lightly seasoned with a side of mashed potatoes.” Sam Collins, author.

“For a limited time only, purchase a copy of You Are Who You Eat to win a new fat-frying, calorie-busting lit-oil drum absolutely free! Order within the hour and we’ll even throw in a handy dandy rusty machete at half-price. Call us now!”  Zomebie Shopping Network.


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