22nd September, 2013

“Ultimate power radiates from this book. I became totally invisible in my high school hallway. Not a single person spoke or even looked at me. Thanks Spellchekcer!” – Cath Moon, High Priestess
“That is utterly ridiculous, I have never once referred to this book in my series. Who copied off whom? We’ll settle this in court, Toes,” – JKR, represented by her lawyers

“My girlfriend was supposed to get a double dose of Love Potion Maximum and got LBM instead. I think you should proof Page 3 and perhaps, refer me to a good weekly toilet unclogging charm while you’re at it.” – Seanus Longbutters, Student

“Thanks to Spellchekcer,  the wizard Prince Harry and that Frobbit shall finally succumb to my wand and Souron’s ring!”  – Voldy and Souron


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