12th September, 2013

My esteem for the Bard is heightened by this newfound lyric: ‘My mother bequeathed me ‘William’, i’faith mine namesake.  For here be another Willie which I am wont to shake.’ Oh myyyy…” George Takei on Sonnet XX.

“These words are a godsend to the art world: ‘I glance at my betrothed and discover new constellations in a row. Not ‘pon her eyes nor on her lips, but on each cheek drips creamy gold.’”  Bobby Hughes on The Merchant is Very Nice.

“It’s the perfect tool to introduce my middle schoolers to Shakespeare. ‘As I dance with a maiden fair, my nether parts a-churn and a-clench. When the music slows, a shrilly whistle doth resound though the flute is closed.’ What fun!”  Mrs Brinks on Taming of the Crew.

“My man Willie is the pimp of culture. Period. He’s got it down with beats like ‘Whence my hand swipes fimly at thine generous behind, those blessed mounds doth quiver.” K. West on Ham-Lette.


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