11th October, 2013

“Photo Fail? More like Photo WIN! Thanks to this book, my turkey face scored me a contract with mosquito repellent companies, prune ads and most notably, an anti-chlamydia campaign with hardly any 3D editing at all!” – Rachel Black.

“Celebs come to me all the time saying ‘Skeeter, make me a star again!’ and I give them a killer PR makeover that works every time. How do I do it? The meat dresses, tongue-wagging, the ‘fro, it’s all inspired by Photo Fails. Thanks Huckerborg!” – Skeeter Brown, PR Guru.

“As a last warning, take my blown-up centrefold down or I’ll sue your ass! You’ll hear from my lawyers, for sure.” – ‘Vote for real ‘Murican’, Sen. Anthony W.

“It’s real tough connectin’ with extended family without havin’ FB. But now that I’ve spotted so many trademark BeeBee monobrows in photofail, there’s gon’ be a family reunion on way. Waitin’ on the second edition, I bet my long lost twin’s in there somewhere.” – Momma July.


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