23rd August, 2013

“Temperatures rise as the Panda and Rhona get a little too close for comfort, and I get a little too close to a cardiac. 4/5 stars.” – Daniel & Margery, The Movie Channel
“Is this story for real? I’m sending my number to the Panda in case he has a brother. Call me, xox.” – Taylor S.
“The Panda’s totally got more moves on Rhona than Tiger W. Torrent to their raunchy vid, anyone?” – Connor O’Brennan.
“The most anticipated event of the season: Mammalia! The Musical is being adapted for the stage. Watch the bestselling tale of romance, controversy and tension unfold on Broadway! Popular hits include, ‘The Bamboo Takes It All’ and ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Panda After Midnight)’. Tickets sold out for the next thirteen months, don’t miss out!” – The Old Yorker Magazine.


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