15th November, 2013

She’s a small-town girl with big dreams to be a star, but she’s trapped in a bubble. He’s the famous dance instructor from Moscow who recognised her extraordinary talent. Together, they made magic.

“She is my ultimate role model. I was once shy and timid but now, I have the confidence to go out there and do my thing. Everyone at school knows my name!” Kimberly Reynolds, senior.

“Brilliantly written with the inspiring message that, ‘If you feel like doing something, don’t listen to what others say. Do it.’ Don’t be afraid to reach and extend as far as you can go. Let the emotion flow through you and your natural rhythm with take care of the rest. I’d recommend this to all my clients. Life-changing stuff.” Katie Mailer, physical therapist.

“This book has taught me that you can find your special someone anywhere. I found mine in a downtown back alley and haven’t looked back since. Boy, he can really move! From life on the streets, he’ll be floating like a butterfly when I’m finished with him!” Alan Spankman, Judge ‘Are You Sure You Can Dance?’.



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