1st November, 2013

“Eternal rest? Try eternal unrest! The ghosts’ incessant typing make enough racket in the cemetery grounds at night to wake up the other dead. They litter the compound with their used up typewriter ribbons and piles of crumpled paper, creating more work for us gravediggers. I wish they’d all just RIP.” – Seymour Mort, Undertaker’s Association.
“Publishing hasn’t gone under, it’s alive and kicking. I only had to commit suicide to get published. Thanks to this book, I have a life after death career.” – Stila Lave (1982-2007), Ghost Writer of ‘Fifty Shades of Grave’.
“I owe “Ghost Writers” the credit for the silence in our house. Aside from the occasional poltergeist coffee cup crash, we’ve had no more slamming doors, peeking from mirror corners and miserable moaning. It’s just melodious sound of soft touch keyboard taps to keep us company. It is bliss!” – the De Feo’s, Amityville.
“The allegation that our current authors’ poor sales is the reason our agency is letting them go is completely untrue. But really, no one can deny the fact that a dead celebrity’s tell-all about their life (and death) is so hot right now, even for those who’ve gone cold. Am I right?” – Chris Klein, Literary Agent.


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