6th September, 2014

“Get the latest issue inspired by Fall Fashionably! Featuring body-con leather, preppy-chic helmet and a monogrammed emergency handbag, the biohazard suit is über luxe. The matching suit for the baby and the bichon frise are perfect for that meltdown moment.” Anna W., Editor-In-Chief.

“Thanks to Fall Fashionably, Oxfam and World Vision’s stunning survivor shots make disasters haute.” Angelina J.

A smoking hot girl  in a forest fire? Chanel No. 5 under the rubble? Signature red Louboutin soles in a flood? This is the very reason I became a fireman.” Kurt Silton, Slovinski Fire Dept.

 ”The house went boom and so did my career but now, the paparazzi don’t even recognise me without crutches. Talk about getting ‘typecast’. Thanks for nothing, Jessica Argo.” Jennifer L.


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