4th October, 2013

“This book is a godsend for teachers of polydactyl preschoolers. I can keep them occupied for hours with ‘The next four Little Piggies rode a bus’ and “Eleven little, Twelve, Thirteen little Indians.’ What fun!” – Sally Pottins, teacher.
“After years of hiding my extra fingers into gloves at every gig, I can now tickle the keys octave-to-octave with the all-visual ‘Piano with Three Pinkies’ chapter. Look forward to my debut, now featuring finger-puppet theatre!” – Justin Austin, Youtube sensation.
“I found this book lacking for my little performer, Johnny. He’s got the jazz hands down to a science but the tapper footwork is another story.  Looking forward to the sequel foot edition, ‘Tic, Tac, Toe, Toe, Toe, Toe…’” – Andy Solstein, parent.
“Thank goodness, I got a hold of my secretary’s copy! When Double-Thumbed Dina can type out twice the amount of reports in half time, who needs other PAs?” – Marissa Mayer, CEO Wahoo!.


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