12th October, 2013

MicahProfile20A dry spell has once again swept through this little oasis of a site, and I’m left wondering how time and a flurry of deadlines escaped me yet again. For the more discerning among you, I’m sure you noted that my incessant twittering has overcompensated for my lack of updates, but last sem’s college work has left me bereft of inspiration. Thankfully, rejuvenation came in the form of a new reading list to keep me occupied during the summer. I restocked my library with titles that might be considered nondescript by some on the merit that if it’s on the shelf, it must be worth reading, right? And it is true, some of these book covers might not even garner a second look if they were next to, say, the newest celebrity autobiography. For the sake of it, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.


*UPDATE* And that concludes our Top 20! In the merry spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to thank you all for keeping up with the weekly updates and lending your encouragement for the past 20 weeks :) I’ve had a blast compiling this list for you, as I’m sure these under-the-radar authors enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame in having their creations recognised. Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don’t forget to join the poll and comment your favourite Top-20 book of the series below.

Without further adieu, here is my Top 20 reading list:


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  1. That’s really funny 😀
    Fave: Frescoed!

    • I love that one too :> Monkeying around, as one can say

  2. HAHAHA wow my friends and I were LMFAOing at this! Hilarious!

    • Laughter all around 😀

  3. Absolute favourite has to be I blow you :3 Cheeky girl!

    • Hahah I must say I read that with a tongue-in-cheek approach :)

  4. Well, well well what a nice little library you have, for yourself, micah!

    • Yes indeed. Take your time having a look at them all, why don’t you?

  5. I have an unhealthy attraction to mammalia…

    • It’s not unhealthy if it is a widespread addiction…isn’t it? Anyone? Just me? Alright.


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