EMPYREAN: Legends of Angels


20th November, 2011 

The history we learn from our books is but a mere fraction of an entire chronicle yet to be discovered, inscribed by the true rulers of the cosmos, the Empyreans. We call them gods, angels, watchers. Since Protokhronos, an era before time, their civil war remains master of the present. The clash persists between the Empyrean administration, the Echeleon and the Caelumairs, rebels exiled to Earth who relentlessly try to regain power through the Humans. Led by the Arkheins, they will plunge humanity to the brink of the greatest battle the world will ever face: WWI and WWII.

Follow the journey of the renegade Caelumair named Zedryd as he confronts the struggles on Earth, and the footsteps of the Empyrean General Axyelle as she witnesses the romance between Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Countess Sophie. Watch the events unfold in eighteen chapters as Zedryd and Axyelle cross paths, tempers flare and an undeniable attraction ignites. Endure the dark hour when their loved ones fall, and they ascend to assume the mantle of heroes. Dynasties rise and empires collapse as the fight to dominate the throne on Earth continues. Dare to defend or defy.


Each side has a story to tell…



French and Japanese translations, courtesy of Blackhound and Madame Dupont. Thanks for helping me out! Images courtesy of www.wikipedia.org.


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  1. HEYYY micah love this story and your art. Best of best of best of luck!

    • Thanks Kath!

  2. Ahhhh this is great. I so wanted a story like this but haven’t found much. Good luck!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sherin! I’m touched that you think that way and I will definitely need all the luck I can get. Much love to all the commenters who keep me going!

  3. Hello 😀 you have a really nice plot and i like your pictures!

    • Thank you, Jijie!

  4. OH MY GOD.
    That’s a cool banner. Did you draw that?

    • It was more of a doodle mashup of different tattoos I liked. Glad it turned out to be banner-worthy!

  5. I can actually understand the french :)

    • That’s good to know! With my language skills being slender at best, this is more of a compliment to my HS French teacher :)

      • Hahah that is brilliant xx yur teacher must have been great ^^

        • I will pass on the message, Edina :) It’s been a while…

  6. I loved you before you were mainstream :’) -bump-

    • Oh, what overwhelming emotions are these? Many indescribable thanks and -fist*bump-

  7. Ayyyy Micah! Stay awesome =)


    • Ayyyy Andy!
      No, you! :)

  8. HEYYY HAPPY FANTASY DAY -bump- to one of my favorite soon-to-be famous writers of all time <3

    • Happy Fantasy Day to you too, Selyca! And my sincerest of thanks for thinking of lil ol me and this little abode :)

  9. That was a great read! Keep up the good work!

    • Keeping it up for quite a while now, -cries internally- well. We must press on, mustn’t we? Thanks for all of your encouragement!


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