22nd September, 2013

September isn’t the first of the “-ber” season for nothing. Vogue’s yearly launch of its benchmark fashion encyclopaedia heralds the series of dramatic transformations about to take place. We witness the catwalk change foliage not unlike the autumnal trees in the northern hemisphere nor the spring blossoms south of the equator. It is also this very month that heralds my personal passage into a new year, formerly ushered in by felicitation and celebration. This year’s festivities in particular began with a slew of unorthodox correspondence, which could have been considered as well-wishes if you squint hard enough.

My positivity wavered when the first greeting of the day from my professor already had me mimicking Clint Eastwood. I found myself on the receiving end of, “Micah, I know how important this day is to you… to hand in your research report,” in a very public hallway. Not to be outdone, there’s the NSA who rang for the very educational but final warning against the consequences of the further torrent-ing of pirated movies. Of course, it’s de rigeur to receive my share of Skype greetings, and friends messaging to announce the cancellation of our evening bash did not disappoint. And who could possibly overlook the handwritten note from the Debt Collector, who was quite vehement on his proposal on how I should splurge my birthday money.

These Hallmark moments ensured my fair share of melancholy, which would have lasted till midnight had not my parents yanked me out with material consolation. I caved when they pulled a timely one up on my request for new camera lenses, by promising to upgrade the body as well.

It was love at first click, a realisation that my lifelong ambition to be a low-life, scumbag paparazzo was now at peril with my developing allergic reaction to the mainstream. Hence, armed with the trusty Canon, I decided to adopt to a new, self-coined title: ‘Bellarazzi’Voyeur of the Unique, Purveyor of the Pretty. The ensuing Bellarazzi gallery is an occasional glance at the travel-worn road and the pearls of wisdom I was rewarded along the way, an amalgamation of intrepid photography and intuitive philosophy with every snap of the shutter.

BellarazziIt was then that Angus felt a profound longing for closure. To finally, in his inconsequential existence,  find meaning amongst the mire of his life. To find at last, a pair of pants that zips up perfectly without chafing his midsection.


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  1. Zoe is a little princess treat!

    • She is more of a royal pain in the butt…

  2. The photos are fantastic BUT what about your accessories! You got style, girl

    • No one’s ever gave me that compliment while sober 😉 Thank you, Asrian!


    • More than life itself :)

  4. Well done with your ccaptions and photography, dear :)

    • Thank you, Amilia :)

  5. You are awesome and an inspiration <3

    • Thank you, Conchita :) I was slouching through class today in a lumpy sweater. Watch me sparkle 😉

  6. Amazing photography and i love your captions!

    • Thank you, dear! ^_^

  7. Totally brilliant photography! I wanna adopt your dog!!!

    • Thank you, Beebee but NONONONONONO.
      She is mine, a lllll mine. -spins around on a villain’s egg-shaped char, stroking Zoe’s fur-


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