7th January, 2012

I have always had a fascination for desserts. However Nigella-like that might sound, it is the truth. I am, in fact, a huge dessert person. Possibly because making sweets that compliment the coffee after dinner is the responsibility I am usually saddled with. That, and perhaps also, making a deceptively complicated looking pie or cake earns one plus points with the parents. Even if the pie crust was store-bought and the sponge cake can be made in a blink 😉

But honestly, who doesn’t like cute, sweet, little things? Everything worth gushing about (for girls anyway) falls into that category, whether it’s Maltese puppies, make-up or macarons.


Christmas was no exception. Mum made a sensational ham spiked with cloves. This was actually the second time she cured it herself and it is without a doubt, the best thing since sliced bread. We had it for days next to her famous macaroni salad. Excuse me while I drool at the thought…

As for my contribution,  I made a marble cake, Madeira cake, pear pie and chocolate souffle. Man, I wish I took more pictures! Anyway, here’s the souffle batch. I’m surprised at how rich it turned out, and here I was thinking that souffle was nothing more than a pompous air headed chiffon cake.

It took a whole afternoon to make Christmas dinner preparations and I thank my folks for making way for my writing, without which I do not think I could finished in time. Yes, it was a very simple, purposeful Christmas for moi :)

So how’d you guys spend your holidays?  I’d love to know so go ahead and share :)


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  1. Can’t wait to see this year’s xmas dessertology Micah!

    • Thanks J! For this blog’s first bday, I’ll be sure to whip up something classic 😉

  2. Thanks to everyone who commented! I’ve got some great ideas and will let you know which one I chose when I finally get around to it! :)

  3. @Twitterpoll: OH yeah red velvet cupcake stack!

  4. @Twitterpoll: une reine du saba!

  5. @Twitterpoll: @micahprose
    Make her V8 layer cake if you’re looking for a challenge

  6. @Twitterpoll: have a rum truffle cake! Mmmmm

  7. @Twitterpoll: RED VELVET CHOCOLATE CAKE! :3

  8. @Twitterpoll: Cooking up a storm again? Blueberry white choc Cake with white chocolate mousee

  9. @Twitterpoll: Rasberry trifle! Or perhaps a cheesecake?


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