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Micah Prose is the YA protagonist of a sci-fi dramedy. Once upon a time, she was a character indulgent with her didacticism and redundant with her mistakes. She spewed out poor excuses faster than you can say “info dump”. Her former life ambition was to become a walking cliche of teenage angst, which left her referring to herself only in the third person. Thankfully an intervention from her agent placed her on the long road of revisions, with the prescription of reading a different book per week. Her treatment is still ongoing, as is her perilous quest for a left-handed keyboard.


The September Issue

I can’t believe I’m hiding in the bushes just for this “million dollar shot”. This bird had better win some Oscars…

Micah Prose: Papa  Bellarazzi.

The Mock-tail Gallery

Mary Cassatt: a former wallflower, now the flirty, flighty, classic Cosmopolitan… Attitude has never tasted so good.

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